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What do you know about bitcoin?

Would you invest your money in bitcoin now? In principle, its growth is encouraging for a positive result if you invest money in it.


  • Of course I would, and I will 100%. I just don't think you should invest when its price is in an upward momentum. It's silly. I also drew attention to the point that absolutely no one guarantees the anonymity of my transactions. I think that this should be addressed. At least at the level of coming up with some other methods to make the transactions anonymous. I just know only one method so far, it is to use crypto mixers of all kinds. It's a service that helps to make your online transactions as anonymous and invisible as possible. Just think about it. I suggest you try the service .
  • Thank you for your opinion on the subject. I now understand where I need to go to further my knowledge.
  • edited May 12
    It's awesome that you can earn bitcoins at a casino, but I believe it's also important to maintain your anonymity throughout such transactions. I like it a lot because I can blend my cryptocurrencies
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