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There's another option to purchase slime that could be more efficient in final

You need the Staff of Air and around 1,895 law runes. When you get them, you will repeatedly use the Camelot Teleport, which should result in RuneScape gold a gain of 55,5 experience per cast , and a total of an hour of 80,000 experiences. The cost of each law rune ranges from about 180-200 GP that's why it's not cheap . You may want to read some gold-making tips to ensure that your law rune stream won't be drained.

Works the same for different teleports' locations - Falador Teleport as well as Lumbridge Teleport. It is possible to make use of as well Varrock Teleport since it's areas for landings can be switched over to Grand Exchange. Given you're farming it may provide you with free magic xp as you move.

With High Alch, a player can destroy the gears in RuneScape and to load his account by creating gold coins from it. It's popular while leveling other statistics like Agility, Farming or Hunter. To increase your income and prevent any losses in training, make sure to check online calculators that will show you the items that are worth crafting. Make sure you cast High Level Alchemy on noted items which can save you space in your inventory and hassle of visiting the bank.

This technique involves using two spells in short intervals. Teleport towards the intended location in RuneScape world (most players utilize Camelot since it's close to High Alch icon). Select High Alch when you start appearing and when your spawning begins, select the item that you wish to alch. Then, select teleport once more.

There's another option to purchase slime that could be more efficient in final. It is possible to visit charting Crewmember at Port Phasmatys which sells 10 buckets of buy RS gold slime. Buy all of them and switch the world around to restock. Purchase more until you have the entire stock and then run to the bank to put them away.

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