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Stunning haircuts compared to regular haircuts

The secret lies in the experience, talent and time spent by the hair designer. Of these variables, one separates a $ 10 haircut from a $ 300 haircut. You might think this is the experience and talent of a hair designer. This is important, but in my opinion, the decisive factor is the time taken. See fade haircut

It is logical that a salon that caters to the income level of the majority of the population will earn more at a low price and rely on high traffic. This means that the hair designer has to work quickly and attract and leave as many clients as possible as quickly as possible. The hair designer is trained to cut the hair in a special way in order to shorten the cutting time as much as possible and minimize the time spent. Visit long hairstyles

I worked in a place like this when I first started in this industry. I have been taught to use the same cutting techniques for all clients, regardless of their individual hair. I have never seen two people with exact hair texture, wavy pattern, hair amount, etc. Human hair is like fingerprints and is unique to everyone else. Therefore, using the same haircut techniques on all of them will not result in a fantastic haircut.

After about a year working at a franchised hairdresser, I quickly realized that clients were less than thrilled with their haircuts. Therefore, despite the goals set by the salon, I decided to slow down and pay attention to the uniqueness of each client. The difference was striking. I have found that I can turn a regular haircut into a great haircut by combing my hair and checking how the hair responds to every haircut I make.

Of course, it took longer, but the result was worth it. I learned that even microscopic cuts in the right places are the key to a great haircut. It's not about sticking to a particular cutting method; It was about giving me time. I became a hair stylist and clients loved it. This eventually led me to work at a more prestigious barbershop where I could take my time and ask for more money. I was surprised that the vast majority of my clients were willing to pay three to four times their price for a new salon haircut.

The best designers take their time. They take their time, do not look at their watch, do not leave the client during the haircut to answer the call, skip the consultation before the haircut and do not let go of clients with wet hair. All this adds up to a $ 10 haircut. If you are used to this kind of grooming, you probably never had a good haircut. You don't need to spend $ 300 to get a great haircut, but you do need to find someone willing to take the time to get a haircut or do your own hair.
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