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Dingxinda activated carbon organic adsorption

Laboratory studies have shown that ceramic honeycomb activated carbon catalytic ozone oxidation technology and removal of trace organic matter in water has more obvious advantages, but the catalytic oxidation and active carbon process characteristics to be in-depth study, therefore the pilot was investigated through honeycomb ceramic catalytic ozonation and activated carbon catalytic ozonation and activated carbon filter combination process operation characteristics.[url=]wholesale activated carbon pellet[/url]
Test of honeycomb ceramic catalytic reactor under the condition of gas-liquid mass transfer ability, lower ozone reactor but when gas water ratio greater than 0.15 oil-gas fluid mass transfer capacity will exceed ozone reactor. The gas holdup (EG) of the ozone reactor and the honeycomb ceramic catalytic oxidation reactor is 0.19% and 0.15% when the gas volume is 0.1 m'/h, respectively, indicating that the size of bubbles in the catalytic oxidation reactor is large, which is not conducive to gas-liquid mass transfer. The Pe parameters of ozone reactor and honeycomb ceramic catalytic reactor were 3.14 and 5.25, respectively, indicating that the liquid phase pushing component in catalytic oxidation reactor was higher, which was beneficial to gas-liquid mass transfer. The gas-liquid mass transfer efficiency of catalytic oxidation reactor is more affected by increasing gas-water ratio.[url=][/url]
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