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Organic matter of activated carbon

"Activated carbon production and construction project" belongs to zhoukou xyz co., ltd. plans in zhoukou economic development zone (new) projects, proposed the project the total area of 25072.53 square meters about 37.59 acres), is expected to total investment of 95.0984 million yuan, including: investment in fixed assets of 83.8144 million yuan, flow capital of 11.284 million yuan, is expected to comprehensive income for 94.17 million yuan.
The economic situation this year is generally characterized by a steady but positive trend, and more positive changes have taken place in economic development.
Stability is reflected in the fact that the economy performed within an appropriate range, growth became more stable, and the quality and performance of the economy continued to improve.[url=][/url]
The economic structure has continued to improve. Innovation is playing an increasingly important role in underpinning development. The service sector accounts for a larger share of the economy, and consumption is contributing more to growth.
Stability is also reflected in new breakthroughs in reform and opening up.[url=]wholesale activated carbon pellet[/url]
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