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Activated carbon is currently a high-tech industry

One is to take the extrusion molding T art production of cylindrical activated carbon. Shenfu coal is grinded into powder, and an appropriate amount of high temperature coal tar is added as binder. After being mixed and squeezed, extruders are extrudated in the extruder. After drying, converter carbonization and Slipp furnace activation are carried out to finally produce columnar activated carbon with iodine value of 950-1050mg /g, strength not less than 88%, bulk density 365-420g /L and ash content not higher than 12%. The carbon can be used as a water treatment agent or a gas phase adsorbent, the latter is more suitable; The other is to adopt a similar process to produce desulfurization and denitration active coke. Shenfu coal and auxiliary coal are mixed and ground, kneading and extrusion forming with high temperature tar are added, and then the carbonization and activation treatment are carried out through the process. The cylindrical semi-coke with iodine value of 400-500mg /g, mechanical wear-resisting strength of more than 99%, crushing strength of not less than 40kgf/cm2, bulk density of 550-700g /L, ash content of not more than 20% is prepared.
The first is to take the dry powder molding process to manufacture the pressing block or pressing the tablet activated carbon. Shenfu long flame coal and/or other auxiliary raw coal, and/or the appropriate variety of asphalt binder, common grinding into powder, in the specially designed block molding machine shaped into bar or lentil shape, after crushing and granulation, to meet the requirements of subsequent processing equipment granules, After proper process of carbonization and Slip furnace activation to produce the final shape of indeterminate block or pressed sheet activated carbon products. About the block or tablet activated carbon, the current use of Shenfu coal flame coal as the main type of coal (dosage is more than 80%), there are three kinds of technology options, can be produced accordingly three different grades of activated carbon
(1) Use Shenfu coal powder alone to press the block forming process.activated charcoal pellets bulk
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