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but there's no question that at this pointMarion Jones was born to George Jones and his Belizean wife, Marion, in Los Angeles, California. She holds dual citizenship with the United States and Belize.[5] Her parents split when she was very young, and Jones's mother remarried a retired postal worker, Ira Toler, three years later. Toler became a stay at home dad

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to Jones and her older half brother, Albert

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Kelly, until his sudden death in 1987.[6] wholesale jerseys mlb Jones turned to sports as an outlet for her grief; running, pickup basketball games, and anything else her brother Albert was doing athletically.[6] By the age of 15 she was wholesale women jerseys routinely dominating California high school athletics both on the track and the basketball court.Jones is a 1997 graduate of the University of Wholesale Customized Jerseys North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC).
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