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What games do you play?

What games do you play? What games did you remember from childhood and now play them?
Personally, I remember the games of the Serious Sam series, Need for Speed, Skyrim and much more.


  • In my day, I mostly played 8 bit games like Super Mario and so on. Now I sometimes go to the site friv 2 online to spend time in browser games. I don't have time for regular games, so while I'm in a traffic jam or on the road, I can play a little.
  • Cool site! Thanks for the advice, already played Super Mario Bros and Music dance
  • No problem bro, I wish you a good game!
  • I love computer games, but lately, I often play on my smartphone. I don't have a lot of free time, but when I have my 10-minute break, the best solution to spend that time and clear my mind of thoughts about work is to play Solitaire mobile games. This is a simple card game for logic and attention, which helps you focus on simple actions and stop thinking about the same problem for a long time.
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