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gaming sunglasses

edited February 5 in General Discussion
Gaming became a part of our life, from child to older person everyone is addicted to online games. In this current era the dominating game is PUBG. Even some country have decided and ban Pubg in their respective countries.
When it comes to gaming, we can;t ignore the subject of our eye sight. People who play games are facing eye sight problem. In order to prevent our eyes from the those harmfull rays which are not good for our eyesight, we need to wear sunglasses or normal glasses. If we wear sunglasses when playing games then we will not be able to see clearly. But we can wear some colorful glasses like Tony Stark blue glasses which will prevent out eyes from rays without decreasing the brightness of a screen.


  • Gaming sunglasses? Is that for cheating? Like in one movie when a gambler was using special contact lenses to watch other people's cards in Poker. This is why I gamble online and I prefer to bet on sports. Here you will always see a football or any other match coming soon, so needless to say that your waiting time to win will be much shorter.
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