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How long can Pomeranians live with proper care?

These fuzzy little creatures become their owner's favorite "kids" almost instantly. And it's not just about pretty faces and pretty puppies. A cup of orange tea is a source of positive emotions. He is always ready to entertain you, play games and enjoy your company.
It is no wonder that no one wants to lose a friend like that prematurely and at the same time everyone knows that dogs are shorter than humans. The hosts are concerned and are looking for answers to how long the Pomeranians live and what affects the life expectancy of their four-legged friend. Pomeranian Puppy for Sale Near Me and near you as well only at Teacuppomeranianforsale.

We make you happy immediately. Like most small dogs, the Pomeranians are considered to be an immortal breed. The average life expectancy of a dog is 12-15 years. However, it is not uncommon for small Pomeranian dogs to live to be 18 or even 20 years old and have been active and live for a long time. Yes, Yes, Yes! It is true. They are a major factor in dog longevity. And it's not just about good care and nutrition (although they are very important). Poms are friendly and playful dogs. He desperately needs to communicate with someone, the opportunity to run, play, express his love and devotion. Give him all of this and even at the age of 10 the dog will be as happy and active as when he was a child.
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