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using images in social media

Instagram and it’s Benefits
The importance of using images in social media updates is something that is well talked about for driving up interest and engagement in the content posted. With Instagram, that importance has never been higher as the social media platform focuses it’s attention on the pictures not the words.

Combining photo sharing, video and social networking in one mobile app gives users the opportunity to portray scenarios, market products and even try to capture an emotion in the pictures they upload onto the site. With the focus being so much more on the images, it forces the user, business or person, to be more inventive and creative with the pictures they use to create a feel relevant to themselves, their brand or their company.


  • Everyone loves good and original photos. But only one network has relied on this. As it turned out, Instagram made the right bet. This social network has the most members now. My brother aspires to be an Instagram star and spends a lot of time researching his content via instagram story viewer. This has already given good results)
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