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Vertical Roller Mill For Gold In South African

In this way, the mine owner wants to make a strategic layout in South Africa, and it is unrealistic to buy the land without mine. The profit-seeking capital is of course far from the South African vertical roller mill industry. AngloGold is already planning to withdraw from South Africa.

Where is this goingAll of the above reasons have not only affected the power of the new capital to acquire the old gold mine, but also the confidence that affects the current gold vertical roller mill in South Africa.

The Mining and Petroleum Resources Development Act promulgated by South Africa in 2006 stipulates that if a mining company holds a mining permit for a piece of land but does not exploit it for many years, the local minerals will be nationalized and re-established.

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Gold mining is a pillar industry in the South, and the debate,in Congress has never stopped. Although the South African government and the ruling party said that it is impossible to nationalize, the radical left-wing party coalition is already discussing the details of licensing and franchise fees. Who knows which day the radical politicians will be in the upper position.
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