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as evidenced by her hairstyles in her paintings

In Kahlo's 55 self-portraits, the artist shows her typical style: the strict center parting, the striking eyebrows and the proud, intense look. Kahlo devoted a lot of time to her hair, as evidenced by her hairstyles in her paintings. The cult icon, who was already celebrated in her lifetime, presents herself with her hair cut off on a self-portrait. In the current BUNDY BUNDY Trend Collection, Austrias Next Top Model Aylin shows how many different types of femininity can be in short hair. With the sexy, cheeky Frida collection, BUNDY BUNDY ensures easy role changes between tough and soft.

Aylin's staging is inspired by Kahlo's "Self-Portrait with Cropped Hair" from 1940 - the yellow armchair and the men's suit were quoted in a contemporary way, the distinctive eyebrows and beard were stylized with make-up and the color scheme is - very frida - intense autumn brown.

Copenhagen gives inspiration for the latest Intercoiffure Mondial collection. Photo shoot from a liberal, lively city of design. Vision of the Elite. Boomtown with understatement. Copenhagen's Most Beautiful Hair. of the world. Trend News 2010. Intercoiffure Mondial shows clear, strong shortcuts. Blonde color perfection.
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