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Cement industry vertical roller mill

Dust removal equipment for vertical mill and graders are used in the grinding process of cement materials, but this consumes a lot of power. Therefore, a vertical roller mill has been developed and installed to reduce power consumption and improve grinding efficiency.

The cement crusher starts from the primary stage of the crushing process of the cement manufacturing brand. As a cement vegetable manufacturer with many branches on the planet, we offer a wide selection of cement crushers: jaw crushers, cone crushers, impression crushers, VSI crushers and mobile cement crushers.

Cement works from a key part of the concrete floor plant. The grinding program can be either a starting circuit or an open circuit system. In an open system, the feed rate associated with the incoming clinker can be adjusted to provide the desired product fineness. In a closed system, the coarse particles are separated on a finer product and returned for further grinding.

The material is input to the turntable through the material input port on the top of the vertical roller mill. Then milling is done between the turntable and a set of rollers placed vertically, usually consisting of three tyred rollers. The cuttings after milling are graded by the classifier installed in the vertical roller mill. The qualified product is fed into the cyclone separator of the suspended preheater, while the rejected product is returned to the table and reground.

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