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Braided hairstyles for short hair

Here we show you all the individual steps in the video:
Waterfall braid
A beautiful hairstyle that works wonderfully even with medium-length hair. The waterfall braid is usually braided on one side and wraps around the head like a hair band with individual strands of hair falling out. The waterfall can run slightly sloping downwards or horizontally. Draw a middle or side parting at the beginning.

Now separate a broad section of hair at the hairline, which you then cut in half. Now you can start braiding French. You get the third strand from the top coat and put it between the other two strands. It is important here that you let the third strand hang, and not braid like the French braid. You repeat this step up to the back of the head and fasten the wreath with hairpins.

Braided hairstyles for short hair

For weddings, sports or festivals: there are many occasions where braided hairstyles are the absolute hit. If you were convinced beforehand that braiding was only something for very long hair - watch out! Even those with short hair don't have to do without great braided hairstyles.


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