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Do you love people who...

Do you respect people who say like poker can be a way of earning money?
I believe this is just a game of chance.. and you won't win much amount of money..
What's your attitude?


  • Why not it's better than doing nine-to five job or stucking behind a desk... just hate such jobs I need freedom and I love that I can play poker and read casumo reviews to start playing it soon too . It gives me a chance to live like I want it and that's just amazing . I love it !
  • edited September 2019
    Sure it can be a good way to make money if you are tired of your everyday stupid work and get nothin for it . I quit my job a year ago after I learnt how to play blackjack simulator , now I play it and I make enough to keep my whole family and even to buy a new car. So if you still don’t believe it then I have nothing else to say .
  • It’s sad that at this festival they didn’t show anything at all unfortunately, so I spent time empty, literally. I would like to sit at home and enjoy playing in this casino – But nothing, but now I know that there is absolutely no sense in visiting this festival, you spend time and money on a ticket, but you don’t get even the slightest pleasure. Just boredom.
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