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The good times after Mmogo WoW Classic matured

From MC all the way through Naxx and AQ40, I've been enjoying since 2004 beta and has been a dedicated raider. I know full well what the entirety of that experience was really like. People today look back with rose coloured glasses at of the good times after Mmogo WoW Classic matured and forget how much of a skip fire the launch was.


  • I'm generally not a big fan of WOW and it seems to me that the time of this game has long passed and should not come back, even despite re-releases, discounts, etc. After all, now there are a lot of options on how to have a cool time, for example, play immortal romance by Microgaming. It will bring a lot of pleasure and positive gambling emotions. I don’t understand how you can refuse this buzz :)
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