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How to Recover Hotmail Password?

Follow this step by step guide in case you want to recover or reset the password for your Hotmail email account. How to Reset a Lost Hotmail Password.

1. Let’s start with opening the outlook app on your mobile phone. The application color is blue and in a white box, there is a blue “O” written. If not using a mobile phone you can also reset the password for your Hotmail account using other devices such as laptop, desktop, tablet, etc. Simply Click Here using a web browser.

2. Then click on the “Get Started” button. If you have previously opened the Outlook App, you can skip this step.

3. Next, you enter your email address (Enter the email address you want to recover) inside the box.

4. After you click on the ‘Add Account’ button. This button is usually just below the box where you put your email. This will take you to the next page.

5. When you visit the next page then click on the option that says ‘Forgot Password’. After that, you will be redirected to the next page automatically.

6. Then you select the option that says ‘I’ve forgotten my password’ or tap on box that says ‘Next’.

7. Then you will see a box where you will be asked to complete the verification process. You will have to fill the letters in the box that contains it. Once you fill the box, click ‘Next’.

8. After that choose your account recovery option. Enter your email address and then click ‘Send Code’.

9. Check your recovery email to find the code. Put your verification code on ‘Enter the Code’ box or click the next option.

10. You will see a new page that says ‘Use a Password’. Create your new password there and confirm it on the next box.

11. Then you click on the next option to complete the process. Once done you should now be able to sign-in in your Hotmail email account.

I hope using the steps mentioned above will help you to recover your Hotmail account. If in case you are still unable to reset or Recover Hotmail Password feel free to contact us at Toll-free 1-888-289-9745 or Hotmail Customer Service.
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