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Common sense problems that steelmaking must understand (3)

In this era of rapid economic development, H-beam has become the darling of builders. It can be mainly divided into two types: welded H-beam and hot-rolled H-beam. Among them, welded H-beam can be divided into high-frequency welded thin-walled H-beam and submerged arc welded H-beam. They have different characteristics.

From the point of view of the rolling process, the difference between the H-beam and the ordinary I-beam is that the I-beam can be rolled in the two-roller type, and the H-beam can be rolled in the universal hole. The hot-rolled h-shaped steel produced by the method of four-roll universal rolling using the near-final continuous casting blank has the advantages of excellent quality, low environmental protection, low cost and the like, and can significantly improve the quality of the steel. Welded H-beam refers to the strips with suitable width and thickness placed on the continuous welding unit to weld them together. This process consumes more material and has a slower production speed.

High-frequency welding of thin-walled H-shaped steel is mainly caused by high-frequency current to melt and weld the steel billet. The surface of the welded product will not be oxidized, and the quality is far superior to gas welding; its welding frequency is very high, and the welding is high. The heat affected zone is small, and the shape of the H-shaped steel can be more conveniently controlled; the high-frequency welding can combine some different steel materials to form different high-frequency welded thin-walled H-shaped steel. It has many advantages, such as: more accurate and comprehensive specifications, to meet customer requirements to the maximum; fast shipping, easy installation and so on.

Whether it is high-frequency welding thin-walled H-beam or hot-rolled H-beam, it has its own unique advantages and disadvantages. In the process of use, it is only possible to choose the most suitable material from the actual situation. This not only makes the building more stable, but also saves costs and speeds up construction. Remember, don't buy it.

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