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River pebble stone crushing equipment choose

We made river Quartzite Impact Crusher is a production of construction sand , stone and special equipment. Sandy uniform particle size , high compressive strength than natural sand, manufactured sand hammer to break more in line with the high standards required building sand ; River gravel sand production line has a feeder, jaw crusher , impact crusher , vibrating screen, sand washing machine , belt conveyor components. The production line adopts high-speed rotary wheel thrown the stone to 76m / s line speed thrown in the collision resistant liner , forming a rock stone , stone blacksmith's crushing principle . Ensure that the entire process smooth discharging , reliable , energy efficient, river gravel crusher sand making equipment than traditional energy-saving and efficient.

River gravel Mobile Stone Crushing Plant sand is incidental product , named because of the shape of the goose egg . As a natural river pebbles stone , taken from the crustal movement experienced by tens of millions of years ago, ancient riverbed gravel ridges produce mountains , experiencing the impact of flash floods , water removal process of continuous extrusion, friction. In tens of thousands of years of tremendous evolution , they tormented waves of water will sport collision friction is lost gravel irregular edges, and they were buried in silt an underground millions of years of silence .

Many sand and gravel river pebbles equipment selection method , there are three main methods. Sand set according to the type of production , especially for the production to be when river pebbles equipment. Also according to the particle size to the selection, the process requires two coarse sand and fine broken broken , so there has been a break and two break . Of course, can also be selected according to the hardness of river gravel equipment , river pebbles in different regions of different hardness, so you need to choose according to the intensity of river gravel crusher sand making .

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