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find the hairstyle that works for you

want to change mind and cool? your hair? this is our ideas tend to draw, depending on the nature of your hair. find the hairstyle that works for you.
make up the volume
if you think the hair smooth and stiff as mandatory for chopsticks, this is what pushed the ideas. ues.
for this season, the hair is very smooth, the effect that enhances the capillary and fiber volume, to transform the shape of the face.

but not only that: the short is based on the bowl cut, the square has the effect graph, the more structure. follow your heart desires.
the council, for a smooth and level, pre dry the hair down.

do a hair with a round brush to form.
finish setting the hair with the cold air from the hair dryer, a clean and shiny hair on.
everyone these unstructured dynamic false hair. the wavy curls pepsy to choose your style, depending on the nature of your hair. they are naturally curly, like a cup, and make the frisures hardly degraded in maximum. if you have a hair cut, flexible, rely on more structured and ripples.
the council: to create or change your hair, use a curling iron.
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