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a function of the moisture content of the hair

one or more comb can be provided with a flat iron. they are clipser on the apparatus in order to sort out the hair and smooth at the same time. in practice, it is a 2 1 to win time. these props were used on dry hair, which requires a prior from unraveling the hair tend to be n? start easy. ion technology, it is a little bit of magic! " it is a negative ion that, when released, will counteract the positive ions of the fiber and thus to prevent statique.l'capillary electricity benefit is that this technology makes the hair dry and allows for better care. the functionality of wet and dry is a small revolution for the time. there is no need to engage in dry sliding. the wet and dry, dry, smooth, thanks to technology that adapts as a function of the moisture content of the hair human hair wigs . finally, the detail that is not negligible, it is the connecting cord. if it is too short, it may present a problem in the disposal of some bathrooms.
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