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it can achieve real change the hair

how do? a work? pigments fade over the hair, about 6 to 8 weeks after implantation.
the permanent stains
for who? they are suitable for those who are in search of the perfect camouflage their white hair, colour intensity and longer.

how do? a work? removing existing pigments and are new. it can achieve real change the hair, if the transition step by step.
the effect of frost and sun spray

for who? they are light yellow, sun, hair brown, and brown, but also a coppery brown hair.
how do? a work? apply a little nut on a few strands (a scan) on points (for a tie and dye) or all of the hair. repeat the operation 4 days later for more clarification.

they found
for who? for those who wish to have blond hair, common or pastel.
how do? a work? the product is a classic color. to avoid dark on light brown hair, dark brown or black.
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