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prefer the discretion may opt for a light scanning

many stars have already succumbed to the tendency, like beyonce, jennifer lopez, jessica alba, sofia vergara, jennifer aniston, eva longoria, etc.

brilliant and glamorous, reflections and light up the red hot hair, dark hair, so, why don't we try a light reddish brown. with him, are you sure i can't get inaper? eu.
the red brown, what is it?

some colors are a dream, but it is difficult to take the plunge. red brown hair and attract attention.
original, this staining is not restricted to women outgoing.
on the contrary, the red brown is very different from the bright red. it may be more or less discreet from the go? ts of each
there is also close to the color shades of burgundy red, cherry, mahogany or cherry red.
for those who don't want to go inaper? but, we can emphasize the color red. however, those who prefer the discretion may opt for a light scanning.
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