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how to maintain the reddish colour

edited June 2019 in General Discussion
you're brown? you don't have a lot of leeway. in order to make your hair, at least through the stage of the process. but, if you still want to change, you can turn to the colors of the type violine if your skin is clear and your eyes are blue or dark auburn highlights or to copper red, mahogany, or even if you are dull and your dark eyes.

do you have white hair? they can see? in every age. choose a reddish colour to hide some or all of your hair color is a bold choice, but a lot of people. your hair has more colour pigment, it is possible to test all variations of red, being careful not to attempt a flashy color, which could have made the artificial is not flattering.

how to maintain the reddish colour.
they require special care not to damage, and not to turn orange, carrot, without relief. the colour may dry the hair, therefore, it is essential to moisturize regularly and feeding them with masks, creams, shampoos, and conditioners skin moisturizing and nutritious.
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