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rinse the hair at the same time

edited May 2019 in Arcanist
then, the color of the lay length during the last quarter of an hour.
rinse the hair at the same time.
a light brown without constraint
if you want to really shimmering reflections without changing the color, you can choose a color close to your natural color.

in selecting a reflection color tone will spice up brown, chocolate brown, glossy reflections reflections for the rich, violine.
blue and red copper, the most daring, so you really reflected.
the range of colorme of garnier has 60 nuances on all the families of all colors and reflection.
to allow you to choose a color for you.

you like black hair before you go, just follow our advice, to display the sublimera brown to you? r.
the black stain to highlight your skin tone
brown is a shade of deep, should choose to be complimentary to the mine and to harden the features.
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