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calcium carbonate classification technology

(1) prevent problems of calcium carbonate plant and sorting equipment: sorting machine to withstand high concentration above 1000g/m3, speed of up to 20m/s above the gas ash two-phase flow scouring in operation, due to abrasion of calcium carbonate in general is very strong, the wear is unavoidable sorting machine. Especially the vane type separator, the relative speed of the impeller and the gas ash two-phase flow is greater than in the volute separator, and the transmission part of the sealing problem, anti abrasion problem more prominent. Wear on the classifier although taken a number of preventive measures, but the effect is still not ideal.

(2) the safe and economic operation of calcium carbonate separator pressure induced draft fan: high pressure fan speed is generally 960 ~ 3000r/min, in full in a closed circulation system, if the use of tail gas dedusting process of fan 100%, entrance concentration is 300 ~ 1500mg/m3, if the use of end gas pumping a dust removing a return air system, the wind turbine entrance concentration is 60 ~ 120g/m3, 1 ~ 350 times the concentration of more than ordinary fan allowable concentration, the wind turbine caused by wear decreased efficiency, unbalanced running vibration and noise etc.
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