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Moving home furniture

Keep the kitchen components in place for travel. For kitchen utensils and the contents of the kitchen, place them in their drawers, close them and make sure they are dry. For the refrigerator, clean them, dry them and then leave them closed, as well as the surface of the oven and the cooker to be cleaned and wrapped with paper or plastic.
The bedroom components are important components to be preserved and protected during travel. The bedroom components, because of their great importance, the pillows, pillows and mattresses are collected and placed in the cupboard. The cupboard is closed well so that the insects or rodents do not execute them. In a suitable manner and placed in bags of strong plastic to protect the fabric and cotton and sponges of soil and insects.
Curtains and draperies during travel: Curtains and upholstery require special attention during travel. We collect them in sealed bags and are placed in the drawers with the naphthalene to ensure that there are no insects or bugs.
Important steps you take are also considered one of the best ways to store lambs

Important steps that can play a major role in maintaining the components of your home during travel to spray insecticide insecticide at the entrance to the house, and on the edges of windows and balconies, windows and balconies, thus ensuring the presence of insects and not to damage the components of furniture and furniture in your home throughout your absence.
Important step After the return you should ventilate the place well before starting to rearrange the components and organize the house again, and then wipe the ground in a good way, and then the jaw components and cover all the pieces and start to deal with them in a normal way through cleaning using a broom or dust hood, Go back to the new situation immediately.
We also advise you if you will be away for a long time from your home can use the best warehouse furniture to keep your furniture for a long period of time and these are available a lot All you have to deal with the safest warehouses
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