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Method of cleaning the house

Seventh: Clean kitchens and clean household appliances

Cleaning the kitchen and bathroom is one of the most important tasks that require constant care and continuous cleaning to ensure the health of your family and your children. The house cleaning company in Riyadh is concerned with cleaning, disinfecting and sterilizing the bathrooms and kitchens as they are the source of pollution and diseases. And all household appliances that need cleaning, disinfection and sterilization.

Eighth: Cleaning the facades of houses

The house cleaning house in Riyadh cleaning the facades of houses due to the high and lack of interest in cleaning where the company strive to clean those facades, whether glass or stone or other company uses the best modern means that do not reach the normal cleaning to get rid of dirt and dust And others. One of the most important uses of the corner of the house is a water gun to clean the facades stone by pushing water from the water pistol mixed with the best types of strong detergents to return them as if new.

Ninth: Cleaning of water tanks and swimming pools

Our company is concerned with the cleaning service of dirty water tanks. Vaccinations are the most needed place to clean the house because it is the address of the entire family. Care should be taken to clean it at least once every 6 months. This is a reason to eliminate all the diseases that are mixed with the water. The company will unload it completely and the technicians will go down to the hall and Start cleaning it completely from the remains of impurities, bacteria and algae that may accumulate from the lack of cleanliness of the tank and then sterilized and cleared and then be filled again to suit the normal use of the family also have all the services for cleaning and disinfection of swimming pools, if any. The company empties the contents of the swimming pool completely of water and then use the equipment needed to clean it and clean it to be clean and safe for the whole family.

Some of the functions of a house cleaning company in Riyadh that offer a house corner company to protect the house

The use of different equipment and polishes: It is interested in using the best imported imported and high quality of cleaning Najaf and polycrystalline glass, antiques and antiques
Home cleaning and sterilization: Corner House cares to clean the houses with the finest and finest Italian perfumes and sterilize the homes using the best disinfectants at all that preserve your health and the health of your family and your entire family.
The use of insecticides: We rely on spraying the best types of insecticides for the disposal of insects always with the best imported species that do not cause harm to any member of the family.


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