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Eliminate dangerous insects

As summer approaches, many families are looking for tips to get rid of ants where they complain about the large number of ants and their presence in large numbers on the ground and next to the walls. Ants gather where food is found, and can cause corruption for many foods, especially sugars and starches. Of these large numbers insects, and we find many people afraid of the use of toxic substances and pesticides for fear of the health of young and old, but you can get rid of ants through the application of easy and simple means that we will offer in order to benefit and eliminate the complete ants as quickly and without fear on the health.

Top ten tips to get rid of ants
Use soap and water to expel ants from the house: One of the most influential substances on insects of various kinds Soap, some may underestimate what soap does, but in fact it is very useful in the house rid of multiple types of termites and black, and is a mixture of water and soap, Wipe the ground well, and large numbers of ants will disappear immediately.
Use vinegar to get rid of ants easily: vinegar is an active ingredient in the elimination of ants and expelled from the house as soon as possible, the appropriate amount of vinegar with an appropriate amount of water, and the floors are cleared insects , and you will be surprised result where the effective characteristics of vinegar from Materials that have an effect on ants;
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