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Dispose of harmful insects

Make a mixture of soap and water: Perhaps many do not know the great benefit of soap of various kinds in the expulsion of many insects, especially cockroaches, with the normal use of soap can be resorted to in the case of the desire to get rid of cockroaches through a lot of soap and water, In a normal amount of water, and well well until it has a cohesive and appropriate texture and then wash the floors and basins, and can be poured in places where the cockroaches gather, and thus get rid of them because they do not like the smell of soap.
Make a mixture of garlic, onions and chili: a natural and inexpensive way and have a yield and an immediate result in the removal of cockroaches easily, and the mixture is done by placing a quantity of sweet peppers with a quantity of onion paste in addition to garlic cloves, then put the mixture in a pot with the amount Suitable for water, then used in floor washing and leave for about an hour and then wipe the ground with water and cleaner in a normal way, but you will find a huge result and rid completely of insects and cockroaches.
Using cucumber slices with aluminum veneers: A natural way to get rid of all insects is to use cucumber pieces and place them on the edges of the walls. The cucumber is highly effective in expelling various types of insects, but this time we will manufacture a high impact material with greater ability to handle cockroaches and expel them. The process is based on the interaction between the option pieces and the aluminum foil, where a quantity of option pieces is placed on the aluminum foil, leaving a period for the reaction of the cucumber with the aluminum, resulting in a substance that has an acceptable odor but expels all the insects at a great speed especially the cockroaches.
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