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efficient on sand making machine

It not only absorbed the sand of foreign advanced technology, and the use of sophisticated manufacturing technology, greatly improved the stability and precision of the sand making machine. After several years of development, the function of it more and more complete, crushing, drying, grinding, set grading conveying in one.

In order to reduce the loss and prolong the service life of sand making machine, lining board we adopted advanced wear-resistant materials domestic advanced. Through optimization design, it on different humidity and hardness of material has very strong adaptability.

At the same time, in order to ensure a clean work environment, our sand making machine adopts the sealing structure, system working in a negative pressure state, no dust overflow phenomenon, in line with national environmental protection requirements. In addition to reliable product quality, worry free service we provide is also a major feature. The customer does not need to have any concerns, pre-sale, sale and after-sale we have provided advice and help the most professional engineer.

In order to facilitate the customers, to avoid losses due to shutdown, we have offices in the country, able to timely provide all kinds of system sand machine accessories.
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