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Sports betting strategy — Value betting.

Sports betting strategy — Value betting.

Sports betting is very popular all over the world, as well as various schemes of earnings on them. They are placed on the Internet in various forms and with free and limited access. Many BK customers may note the fact that some professional cappers sell their strategies. Prices may vary in different ranges. In fact, all this is a big hoax, because absolutely all working strategies are freely available for Internet users.

A huge number of available strategies and schemes have already been tested not only by time, but also by users of bookmakers. Of course, you should immediately understand the fact that even using the best and proven strategies, you can not guarantee a positive outcome.

What is value betting

Considering the betting strategy as an aid in the main or additional earnings, you can accumulate a decent amount of money in a few months. This will require full compliance with all existing rules and nuances, which indicates the Creator of the strategy.

The term value betting is a concept that translates from English as “bets with a margin”. It stands for the name of one of the most effective and simple strategies in the world of sports betting.

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Basic principle of the strategy

Sun essence betting strategy betting odds is to seek outcomes that were inflated ratio. Such situations are not uncommon for bookmakers, which is why better should not lose vigilance.

Unjustified rises of some coefficients can be associated with the number of bets made, because in such a scenario, the coefficient on the event increases without reason.

Subtleties and nuances of bets on this strategy

Like others, value betting strategy has a fairly high popularity and profitability. It can be used by any player, making it even more accessible and simple.

The search for the necessary meeting is carried out with the maximum excitement and desire to develop in this field.

How to apply gross rates strategy

Before deciding on the correct and profitable use of the value betting strategy, it is necessary to clearly understand the value of all the coefficients and options for the bet.

Before you start your game in the bookmaker, absolutely every better should study in detail all the most important aspects of this case. I want to recommend to pay more attention to all the formulas that are available in the strategies, as well as to be able to correctly calculate the profit.

Gross rates also have an important formula, as follows:

And x In > 1, where A is the value of the coefficient provided, B is the possibility of a positive outcome in percentage terms, according to better. It should be noted at once that the probability in the opinion of the player should be in the range from 0 to 1, for example, with a probability of 60%, 0.6 is written in the formula.

As a result, the product must have a value that exceeds one. In this case, we can assume that the rate with a high probability will play, and bookmakers simply underestimate the chances of it. Making bets on events, with inflated coefficients you get the opportunity to increase the size of your Bank much faster.

It is important that the better was able not only to find matches, but also to really assess the chances of the permeability of certain bets. Let's take an example:

We have the Central match of the tour of the Russian Football Premier League, in which two Moscow clubs meet: CSKA and Lokomotiv. We want to bet that in the game both teams will be able to score. Bookmakers offer Yes pass this rate coefficient 2.0, and we assume that the probability of such an event is 60%. Now we need to multiply these values and compare them with one:

2 * 0.6 = 1.2, which means a high probability of passing the bet since 1.2 > 1.

In addition, we can find out the approximate amount of profit at long rates. It is equal to 1.2 — 1 = 0.2, transfer to interest and get 20% profit from the Bank, but such data is only an approximate figure. More precisely it is impossible to say, because the winning and losing bets are made, and in sports absolutely any situation can happen.

So, in the end we get that to use this strategy, better needs:

Get relevant knowledge and skills with the work in the bookmaker.

Explore the available options for betting and choose the most likely ones.

Conduct a thorough review of the upcoming meeting and check the chances using formulas.

Place a bet and wait.

How much you can and should bet with value betting

As for this betting strategy, the bet amount is selected by the better. For it there are no certain mandatory sizes and other things, but should not exceed 5% of the existing Bank. As a rule, professional players prefer to bet 2% — 2.5% of the Bank, but you can act on the situation and set the amount at your discretion.

I can advise novice betters to always put the same percentage of the Bank, regardless of its total value. The average percentage can vary between 1% — 2%.

If you cannot make such a decision on your own, then use Kelly's criterion. Thanks to him, you will know exactly the most suitable amount for the bet.

How to search for bids

At first glance, it is almost impossible to understand that the value betting strategy can be used in a particular event. Professional players in bookmakers, thanks to their rich experience and knowledge have learned to search for the most suitable events.

In order to learn this, each person must choose one or more sports, for which he will follow. You also need to immediately identify a couple of three teams for which you will be able to conduct careful monitoring and track all the results, news and more. When choosing Championships and leagues, you should not pay attention to the top ten, because betting companies can have all the necessary information. The less popular the tournament, the less information about the participating teams has a bookmaker.

Betting is not required on the outcome of the match and similar options. You should be able to analyze absolutely the entire grid of bets on matches and be ready to choose a bet with an inflated coefficient.

The Internet is full of special programs that automatically search for such rates. In addition, there you can find a variety of online calculators of valuing rates and the calculation of possible profits.

Advantages and disadvantages of this strategy

Considering the positive aspects it is necessary to note:

unlike wagering forks do not require a large number of bets on the “shoulders”;

bets will not raise questions and suspicions among special employees of the bookmaker, who monitor not fair bets;

Profit can make a big difference.

Among the drawbacks, I can personally mention only the fact that learning how to search for valuing rates can take a long time, and also realize that the distance rates can be delayed for a long period of time.


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  • For me, the value of the rates is the money that I can allocate from my budget. besides, the value of the bet for me is an opportunity to win. The greater the probability of winning, the more valuable the bet will be. Here's a question just how to increase the probability of winning?
  • Hello. I believe that the simplest ones that are suitable for beginners are this: one event is selected, and money is put on its outcome. Guessing - get a win: bet multiplied by the coefficient. Not guessed - the money remains with the bookmaker. So do my sports betting
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