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Forza Horizon 4 was among the first titles

Previous entries in the series presented weather and cycles. The fourth entry innovates using a lively cycle. Forza Horizon 4 Credits season is first experienced by you during the game's debut, which smash cuts between fall, spring, winter and summer races.

To a cycle, the game will then then sync online after a couple of assignments. Before transitioning to the next season for everyone each in-game period will last a week.

Developer Playground Games tells me that with the changing seasons, it's possible to technically consider this game to be four times more replayable than the last one. The game is influenced by every season in some surprising ways: A river you splash through at the Spring, for instance, could be dried out in the Summer or frozen over during the Winter opening up new shortcuts in races or paths throughout the open world.

As a participant who really just enjoyed hanging out at the worlds of the previous Horizon titles, I am eager to learn how this system will work out (my demo only lasted an hour) and am curious to see how the player base ebbs and flows around the dynamic seasons. Or will the change that is continuous keep gamers coming back for more?

The online link means that the map has been shared with other players -- you can view a smattering of players cruising the roads of this Horizon Festival, although it's not a massively multiplayer deal. Should you play videogames to escape contact, of course, you can opt out of online play during the in-game menus.

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