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Men Like it

What things do you think men like in us girls?
I think they go crazy with legs and breast.


  • edited February 11
    Just interesting what do you think!
  • Hello.. yes I also notice that men pay attention to legs and breast but one my friend told me that he goes crazy with big fake eyelashes .. I never thought that such eyelashes like these can make a man fall in love with a woman but that's really so! Just unbelievable why he likes them!)
  • I think that men love many different things in us, not only our appearance, but also our inner qualities as well. If a man has nothing to talk to you, it's quite sad, because he won't spend his time with you. All my friends started to work in,as they are very smart, pretty and love spending time with beautiful men. The fact that they get money for that is good too.
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