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Bamboo flooring maintenance

1, Mainly try to maintain the stability of indoor and outdoor humidity: In the northern part of the climate is relatively dry, especially when open the heating, consumers can adjust the humidity by different methods, such as the use of humidifiers or on the warm water on the pot; the South to the rainy season , Consumers should keep the room dry, pay attention to moisture.

2, to avoid damage to the surface of bamboo flooring: hard objects should be hit, sharp cutlery, metal friction bamboo flooring. Prevent the dust, sand and other objects into the room, because the small ash, a long time will wear bamboo flooring surface, affecting the appearance. You can place a door in the door insoles, or to develop the habit of changing slippers for the door. Often moving furniture, can be fitted with a mat to prevent it from moving when the bamboo floor damage.

3, the use of the right way to clean the bamboo floor: in the course of daily use, to maintain a clean bamboo floor, clean, clean broom can be used to sweep the net, and then wring mop mop, you can usually use a soft damp cloth light bamboo floor , Of course, can also be treated like a carpet, with a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust on the bamboo floor.

4, regularly to the bamboo floor waxing: According to the use of waxing can be a few years time, to maintain a smooth film surface smooth. If the conditions permit, 2 to 3 months in the bamboo floor surface to play a floor wax, thus maintaining a better effect.

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