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Twin shaft shredder

The application of the two-axis shredder in the crushing of waste paper cartons shows the advantages of the two-axis shredder in the crushing of this kind of material. The machine is also called shredding machine, which is used to cut and break the old carton.

On the use of advantages it has: big crushing ratio, high crushing efficiency, the advantage of low noise, low dust, through all kinds of waste packaging or packing carton can be achieved through this machine the whole crushing processing, and possesses the advantages of plugging material. In discharging the strength on customers can be used according to the specific requirements for equipment selection, common the partical size and 10 mm or more in the whole process of broken equipment are not subject to the carton is contained in the limitation of scrap metal, iron wire, contains more than hard material can also be a one-time crushing.

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