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Floor waxing conservation role

Shake the container with the floor wax vigorously and stir it well. Before the room is completely waxed, try the places such as the corner of the room that are not visible, and see if there is any abnormality. In order to prevent the floor wax from polluting the wall Foot line and furniture, so use tape to protect the floor with a clean cloth dipped in wax, as long as the floor wax does not drip can be carefully applied in accordance with the direction of the floor wood, do not leak, the thickness should be uniform.

You can not save the floor directly on the floor wax on the floor, and then use the toweling smear. If you really find it troublesome to save time, you can buy waxing special rag for waxing, the operation is very simple, the effect is relatively satisfactory.

Wait until the wax is completely dried, then use a high-speed polishing machine with a polishing pad for uniform polishing until the surface is polished to a bright surface. After waxing, polished floor looks very shiny, sensory effect is great!

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