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Floor waxing conservation role

Anti-high temperature: The principle of high temperature resistance of solid wax is effective reflection of incident light from different directions to prevent the incident light from discoloration of the finish or base paint. Because of the wax is fat wax material that is wax and palm wax wax material so there is no high temperature characteristics. Only multi-functional liquid wax can have the characteristics of high temperature and high temperature. Because multi-functional wax material is inorganic silicon and other polymer materials.

UV: In fact, the floor liquid wax wax from the role of UV and its role in high temperature is parallel, but in daylight, due to the characteristics of UV light easier to refraction into the paint, UV wax fully considered The UV characteristics of the floor to make its violations to minimize. As the petroleum wax material is grease on the UV resistance is no effect at all. Therefore, almost no anti-UV solid wax properties but because of the characteristics of the grease lead to oxidation of the paint discoloration. Only the polymer material wax is the best UV protection. Light-colored paint to ensure life is not oxidation discoloration of choice.

Warranty Color protection: Every day, walking friction caused the floor paint hair scratches. Floor solid wax is grease material are no warranty floor polyester paint function. But also can not repair the scratch on the floor paint hair.However, due to the wax inside the grinding abrasive grinding paint enamel layer bright. The floor paint is grinding damage. Only multi-functional liquid wax is because there is no abrasive polymer polymer material. Warranty on lacquered and auto-filled paint scratches are loved by wise floor carers.

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