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Solid wood floor stains cleared

Solid wood flooring with its natural, pollution-free features favored by the market, is relatively high-grade surface pavement materials, the corresponding maintenance work is also very important, require careful care of users.

In summer, especially during the rainy season, the warm and humid air flow is strengthened, rainy and rainy times come and continue. Solid wood flooring is very easy to expand, deformation, arch. Should keep the floor dry and clean, to avoid water and water leakage, mopping the floor with a drip, prohibit the use of clean cotton cloth to clean the floor dust. Floor water to be dealt with immediately, in case of heating or other leaking on the ground, you must promptly clean it, prohibit the sun exposure or electric oven baking moisture, so as not to dry too fast, floor cracking occurs. Slippers to be worn during the summer bath should not be worn in rooms with wooden floors. The soles wear out after a period of time and the slippers absorb a lot of water during bathing.
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