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objects if the tea used has a relatively

tea tray not too wet. Will fade. If you put a long time, but also moist with water. So as to avoid water dispersion crack. Wooden tea tray is easily scratched by hard objects if the tea used has a relatively coarse clay or metal cladding material. Third, the value of sandalwood tea tray sandalwood texture is tight and hard, erosion immortal. Natural beautiful grain, feel smooth and delicate, colorful and varied, exudes the ancient pure breath and fantastic blurred shine.

Sandalwood tea set collection, use, appreciation, courtesy as one of the sandalwood carving, beautiful appearance, exquisite workmanship, home furnishings or gifts appear noble and decent. Sandalwood: for the five wood of the fine, also known as Xian wood, a town house, evil spirits, Nafu of the gods, thousands of years in the folk widely circulated. Therefore, the sandalwood tea tray in China and the international collection and decoration with the value. Through

the above description, I believe we already know what is the sandalwood tea tray it! Sandalwood tea tray maintenance methods, had a small family to share on the end, and we hope that the conservation of sandalwood tea to help, for more information on tea , Please continue to pay attention to every home decoration network.Wooden tea tray, as the name suggests is made of wood processing made of tea tray, it looks beautiful, affordable, very wide range of

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