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Follow The Depths of Despair OSRS Guide & rs 07 gold cheap

The two OSRS new quests has been updated in game, and we will share The Depths of Despair OSRS guide first. However, you need to meet its requirements before starting the quest. Let’s learn together and don't forget to buy rs 07 gold cheap.

Meet the requirements for The Depths of Despair OSRS
Lord Kandur Hosidius is in great need of your help, for his son - Artur Hosidius is lost. You are required to bring his son home.
But before that, you should complete the quest Client of Kourend and gain 20% Hosidius House Favour. Meanwhile your Agility level should reach 18 at least.

Learn The Depths of Despair Guide
You’d better lean The Depths of Despair Guide to save time, after you meet the requirements for this quest with rs 07 gold for sale.
1.Start your quest by speaking to Lord Kandur Hosidius in the east of the Hosidius House Vinery; to Chef Olivia in the same building;
3.go to the Arceuus House Library and talk to Galana, located in the north-eastern segment on the ground floor;
4.learn the location of the book “The Envoy to Varlamore” from Galana and find it; the book (or skip through pages);
6.go to Crabclaw Caves, whose entrance is at the south of the Woodcutting Guild;
7.head to the end of the caves and climb down to find Artur Hosidius (It’s recommended to use the world map to find the right path, especially for those who have low combat level. And be careful of the dead ends containing King Sand Crabs.);
8.kill the Sand Snake (level 36); the chest for original royal accord of twill;
10.Speak to Artur again;
11.Return to Lord Kandur Hosidius and talk to him to complete the quest.

Upon completion of The Depths of Despair, you will get 1 Quest point, 1500 Agility XP, 4000 coins, the Hosidius favour certificate as well as A page for Kharedst's memoirs.and buy rs 07 gold with cheapest price and fast delivery in 2 minutes.
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