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solid wood tea tray is not often used

attention to every home decoration network.Solid wood tea tray is the most popular consumer tea tray, it is drawn from natural environmental protection, texture, natural, beautiful shape, the application is very wide, the following we learn together to maintain the maintenance of solid wood tea tips. 1, in the use of solid wood tea tray when you should pay attention not to let the tea tray above the existence of a lot of water, after drinking tea must use cotton to the tea

tray above the water dry, keep the tea tray above dry, so long to be soaked by water caused by wood Inflated. 2, in addition to pay attention to the tea tray to keep dry after the attention should also be placed on the tray above the equipment, such as tea cups, coasters and so on to be dried and then put into the tea tray above, this is also to avoid tea plate wood expansion. 3, solid wood tea tray in addition to keep dry Do not be long-term soaking water, but

also pay attention to keep the tea tray above the clean, after each drink tea will be in the tea tray after a lot of dirt left, we have to clean up in time to avoid dirt erosion tea tray So that the tea tray lost luster. 4, in the cleaning of solid wood tea tray to pay attention to the use of relatively soft absorbent cotton, do not use rough fabrics, rough cloth in the wipe will make the disc surface scratched. 5, the location of the tea tray to avoid placing in the door, windows and

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