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Wood floor cleaning and maintenance

In daily cleaning, the surface should be cleaned with a damp cloth with water content less than 30%. If the floor is dirty, such as vinegar, salt, oil and other contaminated floor, do not use gasoline to clean it. Perhaps you are most concerned about the indoor temperature and humidity problems, Xiao Bian recommends: indoor temperature is maintained at 16 �� ~ 24 ��, indoor relative humidity �� 40%, should take humidification measures; indoor relative humidity �� 100% should be ventilated Moisture, the best air humidity between 40 �G ~ 70.

Floor by a variety of natural and human factors, should be carried out regular maintenance, therefore, we put forward the "floor is the life body, need timely maintenance" slogan. In order to maintain the original color and texture of the wooden floor, but also to improve the service life of wood flooring, there should be regular maintenance.

In general, solid wood flooring installation to be done once the maintenance, and, be sure to use a professional supporting skin care products. For different materials, different surfaces of the floor, conservation care products are not the same.

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