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Post-manual and mechanical processing

reference black tea tray. First, what is the ebony tea tray? A good ebony tea tray can be called the tempered, because the ebony material structure is dense, dry more difficult, but after the drying process, with extremely corrosion resistance, so that Post-manual and mechanical processing to provide an unavoidable problem. Pin 10 tea city devout for you to buy the best tea tray, the procurement team personally went to Indonesia local, to select, be sure to

choose the best tea lovers a pair of the best ebony tea tray. Each pair of ebony tea tray, discs are glowing, no special smell, texture clear, until the shallow staggered, Burmese and uniform, wear, corrosion, durability strong! Natural sandalwood solid wood tea tray hand carved dragon Pan Tian, ??the whole piece of wood carved authentic black sandalwood solid wood tea tray tea flat green, natural ebony solid wood tea tray hand carved Shuanglongxizhu become

hot tea tray. Second, the ebony tea tray selection method 1, drainage method The way the tea tray is generally filled with water and take over the type: take over the type, that is, tea tray has a drainage hole, in the water hole then a plastic pipe, the water through the tube discharge Sheng Water container. There are two kinds of water-filled, one is a drawer, tea tray followed by a drawer like a tray, usually plastic or stainless steel, water full of the water tray pulled

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