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choose your hair styling product

for the wavy remains intact, it must be fixed. however, some styling products are incompatible with your hat. avoid the freezing and the foam is wet, to distort your ripples in your scalp is under a low panama. préférez hair setting and have not kept the light of involuntary movements in your laps. our advice: let it dry before spray to cover your head. if not, use a spray of salt water spray and the beach stoke your hand and have lengths a wavy hair. this is not a hair, and do not require additional hair.

how to make your city?
in order to put an end to the line due to the wearing of hats, it must be set up correctly. don't stick it on your head: is that your gluelessfulllacewigs
hair is flattened and bad habits. your hat is worn, "sauna" for your scalp, and increases the risk of the roots). so place your panama smoothly without much support.

to do it exactly the same way
you can leave your bun bun, your butt on the side or your ponytail strict and tight. although this ritual practice, beauty is playing tricks on your hair. from time to time, and the length of a twisted elastic pressure affecting the hair fiber conditioning. this is where the action is repeated as it is vulnerable, and smoothing your bangs every morning or when you use the same line, it is on the scalp. a: choose the coiffages.

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