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to bend, not beautiful. Special tips

Corner part can not be straight right angle, straight edge easy to collapse residue, Diaoqi. Wardrobe inside the door should also brush a paint, do not paint the board easy to bend, not beautiful. Special tips: must check the door lock switch spirit is not working; large cabinet should be installed three dark hinges, and some only installed 2 will not work; the three screws, and some jerry, only on a screw, use It will fall. Choose a reputable store to carefully understand

the quality of the goods before buying, of course, can greatly reduce the opportunity to purchase sub-goods.But due to weather or other natural factors caused by the quality problems are difficult to completely avoid, so in the purchase of furniture , Must be goodwill and good after-sales assurance of professional furniture shop, even if the loss of the situation, but also get after-sales maintenance services for your furniture, "Tim life blessing." Wardrobe

material is reasonable different wardrobe, the surface material is different. Such as table, chair, cabinet legs, require hardwood, more solid, can bear the weight, and internal materials are available other materials; coat cabinet legs thickness requirements of 2.5 cm, too thick to look clumsy, thin easy to bend Deformation; kitchen, bathroom cabinets can not do with fibreboard, but should use plywood, because the fiber board will be damaged and damaged

how to install wpc deck uae

opaque acrylic window fence panels

plastic outdoor roof covering

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