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to wear, the need for regular special wax

stairs were insects. Usually also pay attention to the room ventilation and dry. In the wet days or insect breeding season, spray on the stairs of some pesticides, or in the stairs corner position placed mothballs. 3, often contact with people such as stepping board, handrails and other components relative to the other is relatively easy to wear, the need for regular special wax or floor wax for protection. Generally do not wear high heels to go stairs, but also in the

middle of the stairs corridor on the laying of carpets, so that can effectively avoid wear and tear, but also add beauty. Wooden staircase such as prolonged exposure or indoor temperature rise and fall, etc. will cause tread surface paint aging, therefore, to maintain the indoor temperature and humidity maintenance of the stairs is necessary. 4, metal accessories in the stairs usually play an important role in reinforcement, if there is a metal parts rust must be resolved in

time. Generally can use the home of white vinegar to wipe the water, but pay attention to acidity can not be too strong, otherwise it will corrode the metal, the impact of metal parts structure, and then do Gangmu stairs moisture measures. The above is the small staircase staircase wooden handrail is good, how to maintain, hope to help you. To learn more knowledge of building materials, welcome to continue to read the home decoration Raiders.How to install

composite kitchen floor

wall panels interlocking wood

wpc composite board ireland

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