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some domestic illegal cabinet companies

solid wood hood product standards, only a few domestic exports of solid wood hood to Europe and the United States Enterprises have the conditions for the production of solid wood hood. National law has a gap, solid wood hood and more expensive, and therefore, some domestic illegal cabinet companies began to use a huge decorative wooden frame to install only the hood to replace the noble wood hood, which is obviously Huyou! And this Kind of Huyou

will give consumers a great risk of life and property! Regardless of the design of products or choose the most important product safety! One-sided pursuit of good-looking, the pursuit of classic and sacrifice safe decoration is not desirable, especially the cabinet designer should be in the right People are responsible for the customer is responsible for their own professional ethics is responsible for the decision to refuse false wood hood design, in addition to harm

the source of the design! Second, the characteristics of solid wood hood Solid wood hood is not a solid wood stitching, but not ordinary fumes Machine plus a simple structure of the wooden frame, the real solid wood hood are required by Europe and the United States strict electrical safety and fire safety experiments, to meet customer needs while ensuring the use of security. Specifically, solid wood hood whole metal hood is the use of advanced equipment,

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