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increase of Grice, convenient and practical

the strength of the larger. Mainly used for furniture, speakers and other home office supplies the appearance of decoration or trim. Other uses include: plastic packaging, cigarette and alcohol packaging, plastic calendars, decorative paintings and so on. The pattern is imitation of the pattern printed out of the thickness of the general 0.5 ~ 1.0mm, the surface smooth and shiny. Wood grain paper is a decorative paper in the Polaroid paper classification, belonging to

the weakest wear resistance of a decorative paper. In view of the requirements of surface plasticity and environmental protection, mainly the formaldehyde-free requirements, the wood-based paper industry has developed a new process, with the use of melamine resin to dip, and then hot different, instead of finished paper on the surface after the ink, and then And then in the surface coated with water-based polyurethane resin, play a protective effect of

scratch, to make up for the lack of wear problems; water-based polyurethane resin coated on the paper surface, the paper can also be coated crimp, plasticity will be better than the previous The Second, the wood grain paper painting points to do this kind of stickers furniture, painting is a very important part. First of all, according to the use of furniture and for customers to choose suitable for wood grain, but also consider the shape of furniture, furniture, color,

wood turkey outdoor decor

easy project for backyard floor

plastic wood for decks cyprus

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